What is your Pega Certification Worth? (And other Q1 Pega Certification Updates)

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Are you looking for a fresh start for 2021? Are you considering your first Pega Certification? Or, if you already have a Pega Certification, are you considering another one? It has been a busy start to 2021 in Pega Certification. Here’s what’s new, and a little about what’s coming up next.  

2021 Certification Salary Survey results are in!

Want to know what Pega Certified developers earned on average for each Pega certification? Check out Certification Magazine’s 2021 Salary Survey! With help from individuals who earned a Pega Certification in the past and responded to this survey, Pega Certifications performed very well. The 2021 Salary Survey included more than 900 certifications in total. The Salary Survey is global, with 53% of this year’s respondents from the U.S. Here is how Pega Certifications performed in each of the 3 survey areas:

Salary Survey 75

The Salary Survey 75 list is ranked by average base salary among U.S. credential holders in 2020, and drawn from the certifications held by the largest numbers of survey respondents. Pega had 4 certifications in the top 50 for the 2021 survey:

  • #30 Pega Certified Business Architect
  • #40 Pega Certified Decisioning Consultant
  • #45 Pega Certified System Architect
  • #47 Pega Certified Senior System Architect

The Next Big Thing

Top 50 certifications that are next on ‘to-do’ lists of survey respondents:

  • #24 Pega Certified Lead System Architect
  • #26 Pega Certified Decisioning Consultant
  • #37 Pega Certified Data Scientist
  • #40 Pega Certified Senior System Architect
  • #47 Pega Certified Robotics System Architect

Simmering Salaries

The Pega Certified Decisioning Consultant (PCDC) certification is listed at THE TOP of the 20 certifications with “Simmering Salaries” – where the average annual salary of the credential holders increased by at least 5%. In fact, the average salary gain for survey respondents with a PCDC certification was a whopping 22% up over 2019!

Other Pega Certification Updates

New 8.5 Pega Platform exams available

Pega CSA, CSSA, LSA Architecture version 8.5 exams became available for delivery through our exam delivery vendor, Pearson VUE, in January/February 2021.

Pega Decisioning Consultant and Data Scientist 8.5 exams became available in October 2020.

Exam study tip for the Quarter

Studying hard for an exam? Remember to review the exam information page (sometimes referred to as an “exam blueprint”) for the exam you will be taking on our Pega Academy Certification page. Each exam information page provides details on exam topics, passing score, and types of questions.

We will include other study tips in our upcoming quarterly certification blogs!

Frequently asked Question of the quarter

How do I know if an exam is retiring?

Pega Certification policy is that exam retirements are always announced at least 3 months prior to the retirement date. This gives exam candidates ample time to take an exam and sit for retakes, if needed.

Exam retirement dates are always posted on our exam information pages, which are located on our Pega Academy Certification page. Each exam information page has a Retirement Date section. If there is no retirement date currently for an exam, you will see N/A listed. It will be updated when a retirement date is announced. We also always announce exam retirement dates on our Pearson VUE main page in the Please Note section at the top of the page.

Speaking of exam retirements, the PEGAPCBA84V1, PEGAPCSA84V1, PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019, and PEGAPCLSA80V1_2020 Architecture exams will be retiring on April 30, 2021. For any retiring exams, remember that you must register and sit for an exam by the retirement date – this includes any retakes that are needed. If you are taking a first attempt for a retiring exam, register and sit for exam far enough ahead to plan for any retakes. This means we recommend that you sit for your 1st attempt at least 1 month prior to the retirement date to make sure you can get any retakes in, if needed, before the retirement date.

More Frequently Asked Questions will be included in upcoming Pega certification blogs.

What’s Coming Up in Pega Certification

Pega version 8.6 certification exams will be available in the Q2 timeframe. Stay tuned to our Q2 Blog and to our Pega Academy Certifications page for more details as we solidify timelines. And remember, we also post exam announcements on our Pearson VUE main page. And look for a new ‘What’s new in Pega Certification” blog post each quarter. We want to keep you updated! 

Got certification-related questions? drop us a line at certification@pega.com


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