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The appearance of the Process Commander user interface (UI) is based on several factors that are coordinated by portal rules. The portal rule form specifies skins, gadgets, menus, and toolbars, all of which provide the HTML or XML that renders the UI.

Skin rules identify a collection of style sheets, or .css files stored in the PegaRULES database as text file rules.  These style sheets are used to format the appearance of the portal.

Gadgets are rectangular areas on a portal display.  Each gadget contains a control that a user can interact with.  For example, sections of pages that appear in the left navigation pane and the workspace panel are gadgets.  Specifically, gadgets are HTML stream rules that belong to the Data-Gadget class. They provide the JSP code that renders a section of the page in the browser.

Portal rules are part of the User Interface category of rules in Process Commander and the Portal instances are found in the Rule-Portal class.  Most portal rules have five tabs: 

  • Skins
  • Tabs
  • Custom
  • Options
  • History

However, Developer portal rule instances only have the Skins, Options, and History Tabs available.

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