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The Pega Knowledge application include the reports that are described in this article.  Depending on the version of the Pega Knowledge you are using, some reports may not be available. To view the available reports, open the Knowledge Portal, and in the left navigation panel, click Reports.

For information about additional reports that are available for all Pega applications, see Standard reports and categories.

Report name Rule name Report description
Active Published Content KMActivePublishedContent Published articles by article number and article title.
Active Published Content For Taxonomy KMActivePublishedContentForTaxonomy Published articles for an individual taxonomy.
Average Number of Articles and Posts for Search Strings AverageNumberOfArticlesForSearchString The average number of articles and community posts for the most often used search strings.
Content Feedback for the past 60 Days ContentFeedbackForThePast60Days The Feedback status for the last 60 days, in addition to the items in Open and Resolved Completed feedback status.
Content with Pending Reviews  PublishedContentScheduledForReview Articles up for periodic review, by month.
Get Community Statistical Data GetCommunityStatisticalData Community data statistics by post count, answered posts, and unanswered posts.
Lowest Rated Articles LowestRatedArticles Lowest rated articles by number of views, rating, and rating counts.
Most Searched Strings TopSearchStringsInReportedPeriod The top search strings for a selected period.
Most Viewed Articles MostViewedArticles Published articles by number of views, rating, and rating counts.
My Archived Content MyArchivedContent Archived articles for the current author.
My Published Content MyPublishedContent Published articles for the current author.
Number of articles created from community best answers KMModeratorReportForBestAnswer The number of articles that were created or rejected based on best answers from members of the community.
Recently Published RecentlyPublished Recently published articles with dates.
Support articles published GetSupportArticlesCreatedFromArticles The number of support articles that are published.
Top Rated Articles KMHelpTopRatedArticles The top rated articles with the corresponding number of views.
Top Search Strings with No Articles for a Selected Help Site TopSearchStringsWithNoArticlesForHelpsite The top 10 search strings with no search results in a selected Pega Knowledge Help Site.
Top Search Strings for a Specific Period TopSearchStringsForIP The top search strings in the Interaction Portal for a selected period.
Top Search Strings with no Posts for a Selected Community TopSearchStringsWithNoPostsForACommunity The top 10 search strings with no search results by Pega Knowledge community.
Top Search Strings with no Articles in Interaction Portal TopSearchStringsWithNoArticlesInIP The top 10 search strings with no search results in the Interaction channel.
Troubleshooters Started in Web and Ended in Interaction Portal TroubleshootersStartedInWebEndedInIP The highest number of troubleshooters that were started in a web channel and completed in the phone channel by a CSR (contact center).
Troubleshooters run by Channel TroubleshootersRunByChannel The highest run troubleshooters by channel.
User Feedback Disposition UserFeedbackDisposition Article feedback and whether the feedback was Accepted or Rejected by an author.
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