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Associating personas with case types


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To clearly visualize the participants of your Microjourney, associate personas with case types in your application. By adding personas to a Microjourney, you communicate which users are involved in each phase of your business process, and which channels they can access.

For example, for a hiring process, you can associate a candidate persona and an HR worker persona. This association indicates that each persona can access different portals in the case, different information about the process, and perform different actions. While the candidate only provides personal details and uploads necessary documents, the HR worker processes the details, runs background checks, routes the case for approval to a manager, and resolves the case.

When you associate a persona with a case type, you create a draft relationship between the persona and the case type. To start processing your case, you need to implement the relationship by granting the persona access to channels.

You can associate a persona with multiple stages of your case life cycle, as well as with multiple releases of your application. For example, in a hiring process, you can associate a job candidate with Collect personal details and Inform about decision stages. In the first release of your application, in the Collect personal details stage, the candidate can provide personal details in a questionnaire. In the second release, the candidate can also upload required documents.

  1. In the navigation pane of App Studio, click Case types, and then click the case type that you want to open.

  2. In the Persona section of a stage in which you want to add a persona, click Add persona, and then select a persona that you want to use:

    Choices Actions
    Create a new persona
    1. In the personas list, select Create new.

    2. In the New persona window, in the Persona name field, provide a descriptive name for your persona.

    3. Select an avatar to represent the persona.

    4. Optional:

      To provide more information about the persona, in the Description field, enter additional text.

    5. Click Submit.

    Select an existing persona In the personas list, select a persona that you want to add.
  3. In the Persona properties panel, in the Channel list, select the channels that the persona can access.

  4. Optional:

    To plan when you want to include the persona in your Microjourney, associate the persona with a release:

    1. In the Additional details section, click Configure release.

    2. In the Edit details window, in the Release list, select the release.

    3. Optional:

      To provide more information, in the Comment text box, enter a short description.

    4. When you implement the persona, select the Mark as done check box.

    5. Click OK.

  5. Click Save.

Your case life cycle displays the personas that you can use when you plan your application development.
To start using personas in your application, give the personas that you create access to channels. See Granting personas access to channels and pages.
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