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Configuring ruleset version settings


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For improved management of your application, define the behavior of your ruleset and how it interacts with other elements of your application by configuring ruleset version settings.

For example, you can lock a ruleset to keep it in its original state, or require development approval for checking in rules into the ruleset, in order to track and manage changes.
Create a ruleset or a ruleset version. For more information, see Creating a ruleset version.
  1. Expand the SysAdmin category, and then click RuleSet.

  2. In the Instances of Ruleset section, select the ruleset that you want to edit.

  3. On the Edit Ruleset form, in the Validation mode section, define the ruleset validation settings:

    • To validate the ruleset within the application context only, select Application Validation.
    • To validate the ruleset based on the prerequisites defined in another ruleset, select Ruleset Validation, and then in the Required rulesets and versions field, enter the rulesets that you want to use as the validation prerequisites.
  4. Optional:

    To require development approval for checking in rules for this ruleset version, select the Approval required check box.

    When you require an approval to check in rules, you minimize the risk of unwanted or accidental changes to the ruleset.
  5. Optional:

    To reserve the rule for future use, in the Effective Start Date field, select a new date.

    By default, the system enters the day of the ruleset creation.
  6. Optional:

    To protect the ruleset from accidental changes, lock the ruleset:

    1. Click Lock and save.

    2. In the Lock RuleSet Version dialog box, enter and then confirm a password.

    3. Click Submit.

  7. Save your changes to this ruleset version by clicking Save in the ruleset version area.

  8. Optional:

    To define more ruleset versions, click Add a row, and then repeat steps 3 through 7.

  9. Click Save.

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