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Defining operator work groups, work queues, and schedules


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Define an operator's skills, work groups, work queues, and work schedule so that work can be assigned to operators who are skilled and available. The work queues are searched for assignments when users click Next assignment on the Case Manager portal.

For details about the fields on this screen, see Fields for operator teams, work queues, and schedules.

  1. On the Work tab, in the Routing section, identify properties of the operator that relate to the assignment of work, including: organization, skill, work queue, and whether the operator is able to receive work assignments. Identify the default work group by clicking the radio button next to the work group name.

    • Organization, division, and unit
    • One or more work groups, with one identified as default
    • Reports to operator
    • Skills with associated ratings
    • Work queues with associated urgency thresholds
    • Get from work queues first check box
    • Use all work queue assignments in user's workgroup check box
    • Merge work queues check box
  2. On the Work tab, in the Availability section, identify properties that relate to the operator's work schedule.

    • Operator is available to receive work check box
    • Business calendar name
    • Dates of scheduled absences
    • How to assign work when operator is absent (operator or work queue, decision tree to find substitute, and default assignee)
  3. Click Save.

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