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Improving your compliance score


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Follow development best practices to improve your compliance score. By eliminating risks, such as custom code or degraded performance, you can improve quality and resolve issues before your application goes into production.

To maintain your application quality, try to achieve a compliance score of 90 or greater. If your application's score becomes less than 80, take immediate action to address the issues.

  1. Analyzing a compliance score

    Analyze your compliance data to find the root cause of a low compliance score. By taking action when your application's score is less than 80, you can improve application quality more quickly.

  2. Resolving an application warning

    Resolve warnings to improve application quality and ensure that you follow development best practices.

  3. Justifying an application warning

    Justify a warning to explain why your application is exempt from a best practice, or guardrail. By documenting which warnings are intentionally unresolved, you can improve your compliance score.

  4. Reviewing user interface components

    Find out which UI elements in your application are high-maintenance. By analyzing the reports on the UI issues landing page, you can learn how to more efficiently render process-heavy components, and save development time during future updates.

  5. Sharing your compliance score with stakeholders

    Share your compliance score with stakeholders to quantify the improvements that your team makes to application quality, performance, and maintenance.

  6. Application Guardrails landing page

    Use the Application Guardrails landing page to find the warnings in your application and learn how they affect your compliance score.

  7. UI guardrail issues landing page

    The UI guardrail issues landing page helps you find high-maintenance UI elements, and learn how to convert them to a more modern and efficient rendering.

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