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Configuring advanced settings for new applications


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To fully benefit from possibilities Pega layer cake provides, configure advanced settings for your application and create organization layers. To save time, reuse common processes within your organization, and to adjust the application to your departmental business needs, allow for greater customization of certain elements.

You can create division and unit layers in your application to customize different layers. For example, if your organization includes a Human Resources division and an Engineering division, configure your application to reuse common processes between the divisions, and change elements that are different for each division. For instance, reuse a process for calculating expenses, and specify different maximum amounts for each division.

Create your application. For more information, see Creating applications.
  1. In the Application structure section, select a structure for your application:

    • To create a generic application that you can reuse or extend later, select Framework.
    • To create a specialized application for a specific business audience, select Implementation.
  2. In the Application ID field, enter an identifier for the application, for example, HiringApp.

    An identifier starts with a letter, and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens. If you set an application name, the system generates an identifier based on the name.
  3. In the Version field, enter a number that identifies the version of this application record, for example, 01.01.01.

  4. In the Organization settings section, in the Organization name field, specify an organization that owns the application:

    • To reuse an existing organization, press the Down arrow key, and then select an organization.
    • To create an organization, enter a unique and descriptive name, for example, HROrg.
    The default value is an organization of the user that creates the application.
  5. In the Division name field, specify a division that owns the application:

    • To reuse an existing division, press the Down arrow key, and then select a division.
    • To create a new division, enter a unique name.
  6. In the Unit field, specify a unit in the division:

    • To reuse an existing unit, press the Down arrow key, and then select a unit.
    • To create a new unit, enter a descriptive name.
  7. In the Class layers section, configure the class structure of your application:

    1. Optional:

      To create a new division layer, select the Generate division layer check box, and then, in the Division field, specify a name of the division from the new layer.

    2. Optional:

      To create a new class layer, select the Generate class layer check box, and then, in the Class field, specify the class for the new layer.

    3. If you create a new organization, in the Organization field, enter the organization name.

      This option is read-only when you choose an organization that already exists.
  8. In the Application field, enter a value that defines the application class layer for the application stack.

    If you leave this field blank, the application uses the value that you provide in the Application ID field.
  9. In the Class group name field, enter a name that an application uses to create work queues for users.

    The default value is Work.
  10. Click Save.

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