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Configuring Pulse email notifications


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Inform users in real-time about updates to their Pulse conversations by sending email notifications. In Pulse, you can choose to receive emails when another user references you, likes your messages, posts on your profile, posts comments on a conversation in which you participate, or posts a comment on a case that you follow. As a result, you enhance communication and speed up case resolution.

For example, when team members have a Pulse conversation about preparing a loan offer for a VIP customer, each member can receive email notifications about any activity in the conversation. To save time, users can also reply to Pulse messages by sending an email.
Define how users want to receive notifications. For more information, see Setting notification preferences.

Receiving Pulse notifications by email helps users resolve cases more quickly, because users can exchange information directly from their email inboxes without logging in to an application. In the example of preparing a loan offer, a user can receive email notifications when:

  • Other users post Pulse messages in the case.

    If the message includes an attachment, the user receives the attachment in the email.

  • Other users reference the email recipient in a Pulse message.
  • Other users like a message sent by the email recipient.
To resolve the case more quickly, the user can respond to Pulse messages by replying directly to the Pulse notification from their inbox, without logging in to an application. Pulse then displays the response as a message in the conversation. To provide more context and information, the user can include an attachment in their email, that an application attaches to the Pulse message.

You can enable users to receive and respond to Pulse email notifications by performing the following actions:

  • Configuring an email account for Pulse notifications

    To notify users about any activity in their Pulse conversations by email, configure an email account to process Pulse notifications. As a result, users can immediately know about new Pulse messages in cases that they follow, replies to their messages, and when other users reference them in Pulse comments. Immediate exchange of information can help users resolve work faster.

  • Configuring Pulse notifications on additional email accounts

    Enhance and categorize communication in your organization by creating multiple email accounts to send email notifications about Pulse messages. Consequently, users can quickly understand the context of the message, and as a result, process their work faster.

  • Enabling users to respond to Pulse email notifications

    Enhance communication and accelerate work processing by enabling an option to reply to Pulse messages by email. When users can post Pulse messages without logging in to an application, information exchange is faster and more convenient, and as a result, cases reach resolution faster.

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