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Configuring ruleset update behavior


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You can configure when users see new ruleset lists due to changes of access groups or applications: immediately, at the start of the next thread, or at the next session.

By default, a session's ruleset list changes immediately when the sessions's access group or application changes. You can configure your server to change the ruleset list at the start of the next thread or session.

  1. Update the Authorization/RSLUpdateBehavior setting in the prconfig.xml file with the desired value.

    • Immediate
      • The default setting.
      • Ruleset lists are updated as application and access group changes are made.
    • Threadset
      • Ruleset lists are updated from application and access group changes at thread creation boundaries and stay the same for the entire lifetime of the thread.
      • Thread creation boundaries include thread creation and thread switch events.
    • Fixedreq
      • A snapshot of the ruleset lists are taken for all available applications at login.
      • Fixed throughout the lifetime of the session.
      • If a requestor with RSL update behavior set to fixedReq spawns a child requestor, the child requestor gets the most recent context using their parent's access group as a key.
    For information on changing the prconfig.xml file, see Changing node settings by modifying the prconfig.xml file.
    <env name="Authorization/RSLUpdateBehavior" value="threadset" />
  2. Restart the server.

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