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Copying ruleset versions in a RuleSet Maintenance wizard


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Promote reuse of resources across your application to save time and make your development process more efficient by copying ruleset versions. Instead of creating new elements of your application, you can copy existing rules so that you perform necessary modifications and implement existing functionality for your business requirements.

For example, you can copy a ruleset version that includes service-level agreement rules for an HR department in your organization. You can then modify parts of the rules to apply to the Engineering department.
Unlock and check in a target ruleset version for which you want to copy the rules. For more information, see Defining the security of a ruleset and Checking in a rule.
  1. In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure System Refactor RuleSets .

  2. On the Rulesets tab, in the Refactor Rulesets Utilities list, click Copy/Merge RuleSet.

  3. In the RueSet Maintenance section, in the list of options, select Copy.

  4. Specify the type of resources that you want to copy by selecting RuleSet Versions.

    You cannot copy an entire ruleset.
  5. In the Available Source RuleSet(s) list, select ruleset versions that you want to copy, and then click Move.

    To move all ruleset versions, click Move all.
  6. Optional:

    To specify the order in which the wizard processes ruleset versions, in the Order of precedence during Copy/Merge list, reorder the ruleset versions by clicking the Move up and Move down buttons.

    If you work with multiple ruleset versions, the wizard processes ruleset versions in the order from top to bottom of the list. As a result, the wizard processes rules from the top of the list first are first and omits duplicate rules in the following versions in the list. Then the wizard processes any remaining rules in the second ruleset version in the list and omits duplicates in the following versions. The wizard then continues to process ruleset versions in the same way until the end of the list.
  7. In the Target section, in the Target RuleSet Information column, provide information about the target ruleset:

    1. In the Name field, enter the name of the target ruleset.

    2. In the Version field, enter the version of the tagret ruleset.

    You can use existing values or create a new ruleset and a ruleset version.
  8. In the Target section, specify how you want the wizard to behave if both source and target rulesets include rules with the same names:

    • To overwrite target ruleset instances with the source ruleset instances, select Yes.
    • To omit processing of source rules that duplicate existing target rules and leave the target rules unchanged, select No.
    The following figure shows a sample configuration for copying ruleset versions:
    Copying ruleset versions
    RuleSet Maintenance Wizard with a sample configuration to copy ruleset
  9. Optional:

    To copy rulesets with ruleset prerequisites, select the Copy missing Ruleset Prerequisities check box.

  10. Click Next.

  11. In the RuleSet Maintenance section, analyze information about source and target rulesets for the copy operation.

  12. To run the operation in the background, in the Run as a background process? row, selectYes.

    Copying ruleset versions as a background process saves time when the source ruleset versions contain a significant number of rules. If you have an email account configured in Pega Platform, you receive an email when the process is complete.
  13. Click Copy.

  14. When the copying is complete, in the RuleSet Maintenance section, review the results of the operation.

  15. Optional:

    To review a detailed list of copied rules, click Click here to view list of Processed Rules.

    1. Optional:

      To share the list of rulesets with other developers or to review the list offline, in the DisplayRulesProcessed window, click Export Page to Excel, and then close the window.

  16. Click Done.

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