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Editing a When rule in the legacy mode


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Apply functions and more advanced logic in When rules by editing the conditions in the legacy authoring mode.

Enable the legacy authoring mode for the rule that you want to edit. For more information, see Creating a When rule.

By default, when you create and edit When rules, you use the condition builder view. For more information on how to define conditions, see Defining conditions for a When rule.

  1. In the navigation pane of Dev Studio, click Records Decision When , and then open the rule that you want to edit.

  2. On the rule form, double-click the link below the When node.

  3. In the first field, enter a property, a literal constant, or a function call.

  4. In the second field, select a comparator.

  5. In the third column, provide a value that you want to compare with the value from the first field:

    • Enter the value.
    • Click Select values, and then select the value.
    Status work is equal to Done
  6. Optional:

    To configure advanced conditions, press the Down arrow button, and then select a condition from the list.

  7. Click Submit.

  8. Optional:

    Develop the rule by clicking Actions, and then performing one of the following procedures:

    • To update the condition, click Edit.
    • To add another condition, click Insert condition.
    • To create a group of nested conditions, click Insert group.
    • To delete the expression node, click Delete.
  9. Click Save.

The system displays the conditions and logical operators that you enter on the Advanced tab in the Condition array and the Logic String field.
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