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Log levels for log categories


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You can select which log messages your log files include by creating log categories and associating log levels with your categories.

The log level of a category determines the type of messages that the log file includes. When you create a log category and set its default log level, these selections apply to all nodes in the cluster and they persist until you change them. The default log level applies to all the loggers that you associate with your category.

Log levels

When you choose a log level, messages from that level and above are written to the log file. For example, if the log level is set to ERROR, the log file includes log messages with a severity of ERROR and FATAL. The following list orders log levels from highest (most severe) to lowest (least severe):
The log file does not include any messages.
The log file includes messages that inform about severe errors that can cause the application to terminate.
The log file includes messages that inform about serious errors that might allow the application to continue running.
The log file includes Pega Platform -specific messages that indicate that a performance threshold has been exceeded, or that an event that affects the performance has occured.
The log file includes messages that inform about situations that might have an adverse performance implication.
The log file includes messages that inform that a run-time event, such as startup or shutdown, has occurred.
The log file includes messages that inform about informational events that are useful for debugging.
The log file includes messages of all levels.

Adjust a log level to your specific needs. The log level that is too verbose may cause performance issues.

You can apply the same log levels to individual loggers. For example, if you want a log category that groups loggers that correspond with agents to work on the FATAL level, but you need one logger within this category to work on the ALL level, you can change the level of the individual logger.

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