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Branch operations


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After you create branches and develop rules in branch rulesets, you can work with branches in a number of ways. For example, you can create branch reviews with other users, delete branches form the system, and lock branches before you merge them.

  • Setting branch development preferences

    Define branches where you want to save the changes that you make in App Studio, so that you can work on a feature without affecting other parts of your application.

  • Viewing branch quality and branch contents

    You can view information about your branch, such as the rules that it contains and whether branches have been reviewed. You can also view quality metrics such as guardrail warnings for information about the health of your branch.

  • Reordering branches

    If you use multiple branches in your application, ensure that the order of the branches in the application rule form matches the order in which rules should be resolved for this application.

  • Locking a branch

    Before you merge a branch, lock the branch after development is complete so that no further modifications can be made to the rulesets within the branch. When you lock a branch, all rulesets within the branch are locked.

  • Packaging a branch

    To retain a copy of your branch, you can package the contents of a branch in a .jar file. Data instances that are tagged with the rulesets that are associated with the branch and history record are included in the package.

  • Removing a branch from an application

    When you remove a branch, you remove an association between a branch and an application. Removed branches and their rulesets are not available when you create or copy records in the application.

  • Deleting a branch from the system

    You can delete an entire branch and its contents from the system. You can also package the branch in a JAR file and download it before deleting it.

  • Branch reviews

    To increase the quality of your application, you can create reviews of branch contents to improve branch quality by, for example, ensuring that the rules are guardrail-compliant. You can assign branch reviews to other users, use Pulse to collaborate on reviews, and close reviews after you have addressed any issues.

  • Merging branches into target rulesets

    When rule development in a branch is complete, make the changes available by merging branches into a target ruleset of the development application. As a result, your team provides required solutions in a timely and efficient way, without the risk of overriding or losing work.

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