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Comparing rule versions


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Compare rule versions to resolve merge conflicts, debug code, and audit changes that application developers made during rule check out. You can compare a rule with versions of the rule from before the rule check out, with the branched versions, or with the same rule in other ruleset versions.

  1. In the navigation pane of Dev Studio, click Records.

  2. Expand the category that stores your rule, and then select a subcategory.

    Click Process, and then click Service Level Agreement.
  3. In the list of rules, click the name of the rule for which you want to run the comparison.

  4. In the header of the rule form, click Actions.

  5. Click View versions, and then select the version of the rule that you want to compare with the current rule.

  6. View the list of differences between the current rule and the compared version.

    For the current rule, each list entry shows:
    • The type of changes.
    • The name of the changed page or property.
    • For modifications, the former and current values.
  7. If you review rules properties that store code, use a compare tool that provides a detailed view of changes between versions.

    1. Click Compare text on a difference that you want to examine to view all the changes between versions.

      You can move to a specific change by clicking the drop-down arrow, and navigate between multiple changes by clicking the arrows.
    2. Optional:

      To make changes to the current version of the file, you can edit, add, or remove text.

    3. Optional:

      To replace a change in the currently edited rule with the version of the rule that you use in comparison, click the Revert chunk icon next to the change.

    4. Optional:

      To replace all your changes with the version of the rule that you are comparing to, click the Undo all changes icon.

    5. After you review the changes, click Done.

  8. Click the entry on the list to highlight the tab and element with the change on the current rule form.

  9. Optional:

    To see additional information about page and property changes, expand a list entry.

  10. If you make changes to the current rule in this view, click Save changes to compare your revisions.

    If the Save changes option is not visible, it means that you do not have permission to make changes to the rule. To make and save changes to the rule, exit the Compare view and either check out the rule or save it into a branch.
  11. Optional:

    To compare the current rule with another version, select the other version from the list in the Compare Rule header. The view is refreshed with the revised change information.

  12. Click Exit compare to return to the rule form.

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