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Configuring access options for a persona

Ensure that users in your application can perform actions that are relevant to their role by defining what options are available to specific personas. By configuring access on a persona level, you accelerate your application development because you configure options for entire groups of users.

Personas represent distinctive types of users, for example, managers or customer service representatives (CSRs). In a sample scenario, you can grant a manager persona the possibility to open a case to view the case values and progress, while a CSR persona can open and then modify a case to provide updated values.
Provide access to case types for a persona. For more information, see Granting personas access to channels and pages.
  1. In the navigation pane of App Studio, click Users, and then click User management.

  2. On the Personas tab, select the persona that you want to configure.

  3. On the Access tab, select an element to which you want to configure access:

    • To configure access to case types, select Case types.
    • To configure access to data objects, select Data objects.
    • To configure access to configuration sets, select Configuration sets.
  4. In a row with an element that you want to configure, click Configure access.

  5. In the Configure access to element name window, select the actions that you want to grant to the persona:

    • To allow a persona to view a case, select the Open check box.

      This option is available only for case types.

    • To allow a persona to generate an aggregated list of elements at run time, for example a list of open cases of the selected case type, select the Run reports check box.
    • To allow a persona to modify an element at run time, for example to change the value of properties of a data object or to update information in a case, select the Modify check box.

      To modify a case, also select the Open check box to ensure that the persona can open the case.

    • To allow a persona to view how values change throughout case processing, select the View audit history check box.

      Selecting this option affects all case types in your current workpool.

    • To allow a persona to delete a data object, select the Delete option.

      This option is available only for data objects.

  6. Click Save.

On the Access tab, you can view the actions that are available to the persona in every case of a given case type. If you specify any access control policies that define actions that users can perform on cases and data objects, you can preview the policies for every case type and data object. The policies override the options that you specify on the Access tab. For more information, see Creating an access control policy.

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