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Posting a message in Pulse


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Post a message in Pulse to share information, for example, the status of a case, or to ask a question in a conversation thread. By posting your message in the correct context, you control who can receive notifications, view your messages, and post replies.

For example, users who are preparing a presentation for a customer can exchange ideas in a Pulse conversation, which helps keep the discussion within the context of a single user story.

The option to post a task in Pulse is available only in the global Pulse feed and spaces. To enable posting a task in a particular context, configure the feed gadget. For more information, see Enabling users to post messages in the activity feed.
  1. Choose the context for your message, based on your target audience and message content:

    Choices Actions
    Application developers and stakeholders In the header of App Studio, click the Toggle Developer collaboration icon.
    Case followers and participants
    1. Open a case by searching for it or by reviewing the worklists and work queues on your dashboard.

    Members of a team
    1. In the navigation pane of the Case Manager portal, click My Teams.

    2. Click the name of the team to which you want to address your message.

    A specific user
    1. In the navigation pane of the Case Manager portal, click My Teams.

    2. Click a team name.

    3. In the Members section, click Edit Members.

    4. In the My team list, click the name of the user to whom you want to address your message.

  2. Add a message:

    • To add a message for all users within this context, click Post Post .
    • To add a message for specific users within this context, click Post Private post , press the Down arrow key, and then select the message recipients.
      All the users involved in a private conversation can add more users to the conversation by referencing them, but only the owner can remove users from the conversation.
      Only standard Pega Platform applications support sending private Pulse messages. In applications based on Cosmos React, you can send only public messages.
    • To create and assign a task in Pulse, click Post Task .

      For more information, see Creating a task in Pulse.

  3. Click Start a conversation, and then enter your message text.

  4. Optional:

    To personalize the look and feel of your message, apply formatting before you post the message in Pulse.

    1. Click the View formatting help icon.

    2. Apply a syntax from the Style, Lists, or Headings section to the relevant text in your message.

      You can apply the bold style and italics to emphasize key information, and use headings and lists to better organize the message, as in the following figure:
      Pulse message with formatting
      pulse-message-formatting icon
  5. Optional:

    To provide additional information, add an attachment to your message:

    1. Click the Add attachment icon.

    2. Upload a file from your local system or an external location, such as

    The system associates the attachment with your message and the context in which you post the message, for example, a case.
  6. Click Post.

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