Build and Unit Test

You start building the solution in the Sprint Execution phase, right after you complete Sprint Planning. The bulk of the Sprint time is spent here building the solution based on the goals of the Sprint. The Scrum Master participates as facilitator and removes any impediments. The Product Owner must be available to answer clarifying questions, to review intermediate work, and to provide feedback to the team. This iterative process throughout each Sprint identifies potential adjustments to the Sprint goal if warranted, and verifies that the acceptance criteria of Product Backlog items have been met.



As your team continues to build the solution, they meet daily in 15-minute standups to communicate on the progress towards the Sprint goal and any blocks they have encountered, which need to be removed. The team also conducts informal but frequent “Show and Tell” sessions to the Product Owner to demonstrate progress to date and discuss any adaptation which may be needed. This “inspect and adapt” activity helps ensure that the Scrum team has understood the requirements as defined during DCO sessions and that the right solution is being built.



While building the solution, it is important to have frequent touch points on what is being developed to make sure the team is clear on the requirements, the acceptance criteria and the Definition of Done for every backlog item in the Sprint. This is where your Product Owner’s vision for the product starts becoming visible, with the working software that the team is building.



The Sprint backlog items are decomposed into a set of specific tasks, which are needed to fulfill the requirements and the acceptance criteria for that item. Your project team is working on the tasks during the build phase and updating the Sprint burndown chart to update progress. This identifies potential risks and any anticipated issues in meeting the Sprint goal. The earlier these issues or risks are identified, the earlier the team can pivot and adapt to keep the focus on completing the Sprint goal.

Published May 8, 2018 — Updated February 11, 2019

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