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Creating a survey


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Create a survey to provide a structure for the questions that users answer in a case.

  1. In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure Case Management Survey .

  2. Click Create survey.

  3. In the Create survey dialog box, enter the name of your survey, and then click Submit.

  • Adding a question page to a survey

    Add a question page to a survey to organize related questions.

  • Adding a question to a question page

    Add a question to a question page to prompt users for information in a format that you define.

  • Creating a stand-alone question

    Create a stand-alone question, which you can reference outside the context of a survey, to support information gathering when a case is offline.

  • Configuring advanced options for a question page

    Adjust question pages to meet your specific business needs by configuring advanced options. For example, categorize question pages to efficiently organize future reports, or to add an activity that performs an action before displaying the question page.

  • Reusing answers in survey questions

    To create more personalized and comprehensive surveys, reuse answers to questions in the subsequent questions. For example, if a question prompts users to enter their name, you can start the following questions with the answer.

  • Creating questions in bulk

    Create questions in bulk to speed up the development of your surveys.

  • Asking a question in a case

    You can use the Question shape to collect a single response from a user who is processing a case. By isolating individual questions, you can selectively capture user input without the formal structure of a survey.

  • Asking a group of related questions in a case

    You can use the Question page shape to collect information from a user who is processing a case. By providing a structured format for questions and answers, you can quickly incorporate user feedback into a case.

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