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Reclassifying a case type

Classify an existing case type as a child of another case type to save time and resources.

If you classify a top-level case type as a child case type, your application demotes the top-level case type, and then relocates dependencies from the demoted case type to the new top-level case type in the hierarchy.

  1. In the navigation pane, click Cases .

  2. Hover over a parent case type name and click


  3. Select Add a child case type.

  4. Click Existing case type.

  5. Select a case type from the list.

  6. Click Finish.

  • Creating a case type

    Save time when processing similar business operations by defining case types that are the templates for work in your application. By creating case types, you automate business processes and support the different paths that case workers can follow to resolve a case.

  • Creating a child case type

    Create child case types to ensure that users of your application address all elements of a complex business process before resolving the case. When you supplement your business processes with child case types, you create dependencies that these case types represent.

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