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Case documents error messages


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Resolve any issues when you generate case documents by understanding the error messages. Inline error messages that an output document displays might help you locate and fix the issue.

The following table lists the error messages that are associated with case document generation, with explanations:
Error message Description
ERR_SKIP_HTML_IN_TABLE A table cannot contain content from a section, correspondence, a rich text editor, or HTML.
ERR_SKIP_HTML_IN_HEADER/FOOTER A header or footer cannot contain content from a section, correspondence, a rich text editor, or HTML.
ERR_RETRIEVING_HTML A document cannot retrieve HTML from a section or correspondence.
ERR_INVALID_CONFIGURATION The JSON configuration is invalid.
ERR_INVALID_TYPE The JSON type key is not a property, attachment, section, or correspondence.
ERR_EMPTY_PROPERTY_NAME The JSON name key is empty.
ERR_SKIP_ATTACHMENT_IN_PARA A document cannot contain an attachment in a paragraph with text.
ERR_INVALID_ATTACHMENT_INFO The JSON configuration is correct but the attachment keys are invalid.
ERR_SKIP_NON_IMAGE_ATTACHMENT_IN_TABLE A table cannot contain non-image attachments.
ERR_SKIP_NON_IMAGE_ATTACHMENT_IN_HEADER/FOOTER A header or footer cannot contain non-image attachments.
ERR_COULD_NOT_ADD_ATTACHMENT An application could not add an attachment to a document.
ERR_ATTACHMENT_NOT_FOUND An application could not find an attachment that matches a provided key.
ERR_ADDING_IMAGE An application failed to add an image to a document.
ERR_PROCESSING An error occurred during processing of HTML or an attachment.
ERR_PAGELIST_UNSUPPORTED A document does not support page lists outside tables.

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