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Changing the run-time order of questions in a survey


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Add a branch to a survey to define the conditions that skip or revisit questions at run time.

  1. In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure Case Management Survey .

  2. Click the name of a survey.

  3. Click + Add survey item Logic .

  4. In the Branch field, click the Edit icon, and then enter a label for the branch.

  5. In the Branching conditions section, define the conditions that determine the next item in the survey.

    1. Click Click to add condition.

    2. In the Field list, select a question in your survey.

    3. In the Value field, enter a value that is the same format as the expected answer to the question.

      For example, you can enter a positive integer in this field when the answer represents years of experience.

    4. In the Comparator list, select an operation that compares the answer to the value that you provide.

    5. Optional:

      To define more conditions, click Add path.

    6. Click OK.

    7. In the Go to list, select a survey item to display to the user when the condition returns a true value.

    8. In the Otherwise go to list, select a survey item to display to the user when the condition returns a false value.

      For example, you can skip to the next question page in a personal health survey, when users indicate that they do not smoke.
  6. Click Save survey.

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