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Dashboard widgets

A dashboard widget displays operational information about your application and key performance indicators, such as the number of assigned items or the average time to resolve a case. By personalizing your dashboard with widgets that are relevant to your role, you can increase productivity.

The following table lists the widgets that you can add to your dashboard.

Widget Description Configurable
Case lifecycle Displays the stages and steps for each case type in your application. No
Cases entered by me Displays all cases that you create. No
My Cases Displays all open cases to which you are a party.

Options include changing the title of the widget and the visibility of the Quick Create option.

Proximity Displays cases within a maximum radius of 50 miles from your current location.

Options include changing the distance from your current location and the metric used (kilometer or mile).

Recents Displays a list of cases that you recently updated or opened. No
Team members Displays the users in your workgroup and the number of their open assignments. No
Work queues Displays a list of work queues in your application. No
Worklist Displays a list of work that is assigned to you.

Options include changing the source of the list to a specific work queue or workgroup.

Achievements Displays the badges that you have received by accomplishing specific tasks in the product. No
Google Maps Displays a map that shows your current location and open assignments.

Options include selecting an automatic or fixed height for the map.

Welcome to App Studio Displays introductory information about the product and an overview video. No
Manage Change Displays data types that are delegated to you by a manager.

Options include setting the visibility of the widget title.

Recent reports Displays a list of reports that you ran recently.

Click a report title to view the result data.

Report widget Displays the results of a specific report.

Options include setting a report category and name.

Pulse Activity Feed Displays the Pulse activity gadget that displays Pulse posts made by the user. No
Connected apps Displays a list of third-party apps and their connection status. You can also connect and disconnect apps from a service provider. No
Data Imports - In-progess Displays the details of currently running data imports. No
Data Imports - Recently completed Displays the details of recently completed data imports. No
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