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Dynamically sourcing the choices in a picklist


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Use a data page that determines the choices in a picklist to make your survey easier to maintain.

  1. Find and open your data page, by searching for it or by using the Records Explorer.

  2. Click the Definition tab.

  3. In the Data sources section, click the Open icon next to the source, such as a data transform, that defines the choices for your survey.

  4. Review the configuration of the data source to identify which property stores the value for each choice.

  5. Associate the data page with a picklist question in your survey.

    1. In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure Case Management Survey .

    2. Click the name of your survey.

    3. Click a Picklist type question so that it has focus.

    4. In the Picklist options section, click More Data page .

    5. In the Data page field, press the Down Arrow key, and then select your data page.

      If the data page supports parameters, you can pass values for these parameters in the Value field.

    6. In the Property for value field, press the Down Arrow key, and then select the property that you identified in step 4.

    7. Optional:

      To change the default labels for the choices, enter a property from the data page in the Property for display text field.

  6. Click Save survey.

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