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Preloading a data page


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Complete work faster by preloading data that your application displays to users during case processing. By preloading a data page, you reduce the time that an application needs to display information to users.

For example, a financial application can preload a data page that stores currency rates so that users can quickly obtain the information that their business case requires.

In your case life cycle, add the Load data page step before the step that displays information to users. For example, add the Load data page step that preloads currency rates before the Calculate interest rate step in which a customer service representative (CSR) calculates rates for customers who want to obtain a loan in another currency.

  1. Add the Load data page step to a case life cycle:

    1. In the navigation pane of Dev Studio, click Case types, and then click the case type that you want to open.

    2. In a process where you want to preload a data page, click Step More Automations Load data page .

    3. Click Select.

    4. To provide a unique name for the step, in the Load Data page field, enter a value.

      Enter Load currency rates.
  2. In the Step properties pane, in the Data Page Name field, press the Down arrow key, and then select the data page that you want to preload.

  3. If the data page contains parameters, in the Parameters section, specify values for the parameters.

  4. Optional:

    To provide more information for auditing purposes, in the Audit note field, press the Down arrow key, and then select an audit note to associate with the step.

  5. Optional:

    To enable users to navigate to this step from the case breadcrumb navigation, select the Enable navigation link check box.

  6. Click Save.

The following figure shows a step that preloads a data page with currency rates before a CSR calculates loan interest rates in a case:
Preloading a data page step
A process in a case life cycle in which an application preloads a data page
                        before displaying information to a user
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