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Sending event notifications from cases


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Notify users of your application about important case events by sending case notifications. You can send notifications when an event occurs in a case, for example, when the case reaches a particular stage. By defining different notifications in your application, you can communicate with stakeholders in a format that is specific to their channel, such as email, a web gadget, or a push notification.

You can define push notifications and the subjects of email notifications in a dynamic way, so that the message is immediately meaningful to the users. For example, you can include a property that references a case ID. If you send email notifications, you can compose a message to meet your business needs, or you can reuse existing message templates to save time.
  1. Add the Send notification shape to the life cycle of your case:

    1. In the navigation pane of App Studio, click Case types, and then click the case type that you want to open.

    2. In the stage in which you want to add a Send notification shape, click Step More Automations Send notification , and then click Select.

  2. In the Step properties panel, define the content and recipients of the notification:

    Choices Actions
    Create a new notification
    1. Select Create new.

    2. In the Recipients list, select a type of recipient, and then define the recipient.

      Select Email address, and then provide the address.
    3. Optional:

      To add more recipients, click Add recipient, and then repeat step 2.b.

    4. In the Message section, in the Message/Email subject field, press the Down arrow key, and then select the value that stores the push notification text or email subject, or enter text.

      You can reference property names to make the message more dynamic and meaningful.
      "The case "+ .pyID + " has been assigned to you."..
    5. If you send email notifications, in the Email content section, click Compose, and then compose the email message.

      For more information about composing email messages, see Sending email notifications from cases.
    Reuse existing notification
    1. Select Use existing.

    2. In the Notification name list, select the notification that you want to send.

  3. Click Save.

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