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Conditionally displaying a question in a questionnaire


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Define conditions to ensure that your questionnaire displays relevant questions, based on the context of the questionnaire participant. For example, in an onboarding application, a question about a preferred office chair is displayed only if the employee does not work remotely.

  1. Navigate to the questionnaire:

    Choices Actions
    Open the questionnaire in App Studio
    1. In the navigation pane of App Studio, click Case types.

    2. In the list of case types, open a case type of the Questionnaire type that you want to edit.

    Open the questionnaire in Dev Studio
    1. In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure Case Management Questionnaire .

    2. Click the questionnaire that you want to edit.

  2. Click the question for which you want to configure visibility conditions.

  3. In the Question settings pane, in the Visibility conditions section, click the Properties icon.

  4. In the Conditions dialog box, create a condition by providing a value to compare at run time, a comparator, and a value to compare against the first value.

    To show the question only to users who have a Gold or Platinum account, create a condition AccountType is in list "Gold", "Platinum".
  5. Optional:

    To add more conditions, click Add a row.

  6. If you create multiple conditions, define whether a question needs to meet all or any conditions by selecting either and or or between the rows.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Click Save.

At run time, the questionnaire displays the question only if the visibility conditions evaluate to true.

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