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Displaying questions in a read-only mode

Help users provide accurate answers and speed up the time required to complete a questionnaire by displaying questions in a read-only mode. The read-only mode of questions automates the completion of questionnaires when you reference data for an answer from another questionnaire or question, or when the answer from one question directly relates to other questions.

For example, you can create a questionnaire that captures customer's preferences about their bank account. If the customer already provided their monthly income in another case or questionnaire, the application can display a question about their monthly income in the bank account questionnaire in a read-only mode.

Only applications that you build on Cosmos React support read-only mode for questions. Questions of the info text and file types do not support read-only mode.

To display a question in a read-only mode, you define a condition in a condition builder. At run time, if the condition evaluates to true, your application displays the question in a read-only mode and prepopulates the answer with the value that the user provided in another case in the field that you use in the condition builder.

  1. Navigate to the questionnaire:

    Choices Actions
    Open the questionnaire in App Studio
    1. In the navigation pane of App Studio, click Case types.

    2. In the list of case types, open a case type of the Questionnaire type that you want to edit.

    Open the questionnaire in Dev Studio
    1. In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure Case Management Questionnaire .

    2. Click the questionnaire that you want to edit.

  2. If you have multiple questions on the question page, click the question that you want to edit.

  3. In the Question settings pane, in the Read-only when conditions section, click the Configure icon.

  4. In the Conditions dialog box, create a condition by providing a value to compare at run time, a comparator, and a value to compare against the first value.

    To display the question in a read-only mode when a user provided their monthly income in another questionnaire, enter What is your monthly income? is greater than 0, as in the following example:
    Conditions for a read-only question mode
    A condition builder with a condition that displays a question in
                                read-only mode after evaluating to true
    At run time, if the condition evaluates to true, a questionnaire displays the value that a user provided as an answer to the question What is your monthly income? in another questionnaire.
  5. Optional:

    To add more conditions, click Add a row.

  6. If you create multiple conditions, define whether a question needs to meet all or any conditions by selecting either and or or between the rows.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Click Save.

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