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The Sprint Review is an important “inspect and adapt” activity of Scrum. It is intended to create conversations and transparency into what was built and includes a demonstration of the product. This review drives adjustments to the Product Backlog and potential changes to the Release Plan, such as replacing a Product Backlog item with another item that has a higher business value as determined by the Product Owner. Any modifications or changes resulting from the Sprint Review are added to the Product Backlog for prioritization in future Sprints.



The Sprint Review focuses on the product that was built and is conducted at the end of the Sprint, before the Sprint Retrospective. It gives everyone with input to the product development effort an opportunity to inspect and adapt what has been built so far. This is the time to ask questions, make observations or suggestions, and have discussions on how to best move forward in future Sprints.



The Sprint Review provides an important opportunity for the Scrum team to get feedback from people who are typically not available on a daily basis during Sprint Execution. This is their first opportunity to see and discuss the work that was produced in the Sprint.



The entire Scrum team, as well as key stakeholders and selected end users should participate in the Sprint Review. The Scrum Master facilitates the meeting, and the team decides who will do the demonstration of Pega working software. Only User Stories which are completed according the Definition of Done should be included in the Review.

There is some pre-work for the Sprint Review, driven by the Scrum Master, which includes:

  • Determining whom to invite.
  • Scheduling the Review.
  • Confirming that the Sprint work is done according to the Definition of Done.
  • Preparing for the demonstration.
  • Deciding who does what and who will present.


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