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Configuring a case for an Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Facebook Messenger

You can use the Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) to conduct cases as a self-service experience through the Facebook Messenger channel when you configure your case for that channel. This allows customers to process service tasks and limits the amount of human involvement that is required from your customer service representatives (CSRs).

  1. Log in to Designer Studio with the following credentials.
    User Name: FMBotAdmin
    Password: install
  2. To open the Application rule, click the application name.
  3. On the Cases & data tab, in the Case types section, check the cases that you want to adapt for the Facebook Messenger channel. This involves reviewing the case process and determining the questions and responses that you want to display within the flow of the case.
    As you design this user experience, consider the following best practices.
    • Lower input processing by providing users with configured responses represented as buttons in the Facebook Messenger.
    • Limit each question to asking a single piece of information.
    • For complex cases, escalate to an agent during case processing.
  4. To implement the Messenger dialog for the case, complete the following tasks.
    1. Open the case and save the first flow of the case into your current application ruleset.
    2. Remove any existing shapes beyond the start and end.
    3. Add one or more question shapes under Smart Shapes and connect them to the start and stop shapes.
  5. To create a question, complete the following tasks.
    1. In the Subprocess field, enter a value (for example, Question).
    2. In the Define flow list, select On current page.
    3. In the Select question field, enter the name of the question rule that you are defining.
    4. In the Question Info field, enter your question.
    5. Click Submit.
  6. On the Question tab, in the Question field, enter the text to display to your end user (for example, Would you like to update your account information?).
  7. Continue through the question responses that are needed to support the specific case type, then save the flow and update any remaining flows that are needed for the particular case.
  8. Update your channel commands and taxonomy to support the case as described in Configuring the requests and responses for an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) for Facebook Messenger.

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