Configuring the key performance indicator

In Pega® Predictive Diagnostic Cloud and Pega Autonomic Event Services, if your application has specific known issues that are expected to be slower, bigger, or costlier than the key performance indicator (KPI) threshold value configured in Pega Platform, you can discard unnecessary alerts. You can elevate the KPI value on an action item to receive only prioritized and significant alerts for known issues.

A system key performance indicator is a measured value that is recorded by an alert. If the value is higher than the threshold configured in Pega Platform, the alert is triggered. Each alert is mapped to a specific action item type in Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud. When you elevate a KPI on an action item, all the alerts with a lower KPI are ignored. All the alerts with an equal or higher KPI are processed and assigned to an action item type.

Elevate the KPI in Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud or Pega Autonomic Event Services by doing these steps:

  1. In Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud or Pega Autonomic Event Services, in the Search field, enter the action item ID for which you want to change the KPI.
  2. Press Enter to open the action item.
  3. Click Actions, and select Elevate KPI.
  4. In the ElevatedKPI field, enter the new KPI value.
  5. Click Submit.


Published December 20, 2017 — Updated February 26, 2018

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