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Building an Email channel

If you want users to report or solve an issue in an application by sending emails to Pega Email Bot, create and configure an Email channel in Pega Platform.

  1. Set up an email bot by creating an Email channel, adding email accounts for email handling, and selecting a reference operator.

    For more information, see Creating an Email channel.

  2. Define Email channel behavior by adding suggested cases, defining suggested responses, and configuring email analysis.

    For more information, see Defining Email channel behavior.

  3. Set up intelligent routing of emails by defining routing conditions based on email header content, text entity, topic, sentiment analysis, or a when rule.

    With intelligent routing, the system automatically routes email content from users to an operator or to a work queue as an email triage case, or creates a top-level case. For more information, see Configuring intelligent email routing.

Once you built an email bot, use the Email channel to train the data in the model and triage incoming emails. For more information, see Using the Email channel.

  • Pega Email Bot overview

    Pega Email Bot is a bot system that intelligently interacts with your application to help users with their problems and speed up business processes. Interacting with an email bot through emails, users can more efficiently address their concerns and resolve problems, for example, by requesting more information and opening a business case in the system.

  • Implementing an email bot for an Email channel

    Give users the ability to interact quickly and seamlessly with a Pega Platform application by email. Implement an Email channel so that Pega Email Bot intelligently responds to user emails, for example, by opening a case, or requesting more information about an issue.

  • Conversational channels

    Conversational channels help organizations reach additional users of their enterprise applications. With conversational channels, users can seamlessly interact with a Pega Platform application to obtain help, request a service, and report or solve an issue by using Facebook Messenger, an embedded chat window, Amazon Alexa, or email.

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