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Replying to users by email for an email bot


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To ensure better responsiveness and quality of service in your organization, during the email triaging stage for Pega Email Bot, a customer service representative (CSR) can use email to quickly respond to user help requests, or to report issues.

For example, a customer service representative that receives an email asking about a car insurance quote can quickly reply to the user, thanking them for their email and requesting any additional information necessary to generate their car insurance case.
  1. Open a portal by performing one the following actions:

    • To open the Case Manager portal, in Dev Studio, click Launch web interface, and then click Case Manager.
    • To open the Email Manager portal, in Dev Studio, click Launch web interface, and then click Email Manager.
  2. Open a triage case by performing one of the following actions:

    • To edit a triage case in the Case Manager portal, in the dashboard view in the list of cases, click a case name.
    • To edit a triage case in the Email Manager portal, in the list of emails, click an email.
    Click ET-733.
  3. In the toolbar above the email text, click Reply.

  4. In the text area, enter a reply to the user's email.

  5. Optional:

    To carbon copy or blind carbon copy additional users in the reply, click Cc or Bcc.

  6. Optional:

    To attach files to the reply, click Attach Files, and then select a file.

  7. Click Send.

    The system displays both the received email and the reply sent back to the user in the triage case details.
Once a customer service representative takes actions to address the issue reported in the triage case, for example, by spinning off a related business case and emailing a reply to the user, they can mark the triage case as completed. For more information, see Resolving triage cases.

  • Understanding the email triage process

    When Pega Email Bot receives an email, the email content is first examined by a text analyzer to detect topics, entities (such as people and places), sentiment, and language. Once the email bot completes the text analysis, the system applies automatic email routing based on the outcome of the text analysis and the routing rules that you define for the email bot.

  • Triaging incoming emails

    By manually triaging emails for the Pega Email Bot, customer service representatives (CSRs) and other operators, such as managers, can work through multiple emails in the context of their application to address and resolve customer issues faster and more efficiently. Case workers triage emails in the Case Manager or Email Manager portal.

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