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Adding case commands for a conversational channel


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For Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant™ (IVA) to create cases that are based on user input so that the system speeds up business processes and improves its artificial intelligence, add case commands to the system. Based on text analysis of a text message or a voice command, the IVA matches the best case command for a topic, and then automatically creates a corresponding case. The IVA can also perform automatic entity extraction from user input to case properties.

For example, when a user requests a car insurance price quote in the IVA, the system automatically creates a Car Insurance case.
Add a conversation to a case type. For more information, see Adding a conversation to a case type.

All case commands and response commands that you define are topics.

  1. In the navigation pane of App Studio, click Channels.

  2. In the Current channel interfaces section, click the icon that represents your existing Unified Messaging, Web Chatbot, or Alexa channel.

  3. In the channel, click the Configuration tab.

  4. In the Content section, select a method for modifying a case command:

    • To add a new case command, click Add case type.
    • To edit an existing case command, click the Switch to edit mode icon for a case type.
  5. In the Case type list in the Response configuration window, select a case type that you want to create when the user enters a specific command.

  6. In the Create case command field, enter text that triggers the system to create the case.

    Through text analysis, a user command provides the input that determines the best case command type to create by the IVA.
  7. If the case command requires authentication, select the Requires authentication check box.

    The following figure shows a chatbot configuration with a case command that requires authentication:
    The Response configuration window with one create case command definition for an IVA
    The Response configuration window with a single create case command
                                definition and required authentication enabled for an IVA.
  8. Optional:

    To add more case commands, repeat steps 4 through 7.

  9. Click Submit.

  10. Click Save.

Define response commands for the IVA. For more information, see Defining response commands for a conversational channel.
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