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Quick start: Creating a correspondence

Correspondence features provide businesses with the ability to customize and generate outbound email, faxes, printed letters, telephone text messages, and other notifications automatically or with user intervention.

This article details how to create a correspondence that can be used when an email message is sent. By following the example, you create an email correspondence that includes information about the current status of the case.

Create an email correspondence

Create a custom correspondence that includes the ID and current status of the work object:

  1. Create a correspondence record by selecting Actions > Create other record > Process > Correspondence.
    1. Enter the record configuration information:
  • Label – Enter a label (for example, Case Status Message).
  • Identifier – Enter an identifier (for example, CaseStatusMessage)
  • Correspondence TypeEmail
  1. Verify that the context matches the context of your case type, and then click Create and open.
  1. A new window opens for the Correspondence. In the Corr tab, enter contents of the correspondence.
Icon Description
Edit in design mode
Edit in HTML source mode
Add a property
  1. Click the Add Property icon to display the Property Parameters dialog box. In the Name field, enter the work object ID (.pyID), the current work status (.pyStatusWork), or any other parameter that would be useful to include in your correspondence. Note that you might need to select Morefrom the auto-complete list to find the property name.
    Correspondence property parameters
  1. Save, and then close the correspondence message.
    Correspondence email message

Next steps

Now that you have an email correspondence with a message that includes the work object ID and the current status, you can use this correspondence in a Send Email smart shape or any other email notification.
To see examples where the correspondence template is used, see these PDN articles:

Send correspondence from an assignment

Create an optional action or process

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