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Troubleshooting: Correspondence Email fails due to Default.Notify email account values


The issue described in this article appears in Process Commander Version 6.1 only; it has been corrected in Version 6.1 SP1. However, if you are upgrading to V6.1 SP1, follow the guidance in Upgrading to V6.1 - Tips and issues2. The Email Account data index Default.Notify is overwritten, to manually update your V6.1 SP1 instance of Data-EmailAccount Default.Notify with the settings specified for your V5.x data instance.

The standard email account data object Data-EmailAccount Default.Notify specifies default values for Outgoing Mail- Sender Information that need to be adjusted if you have not already customized these values for your environment. The default values will cause email correspondence failures and possibly numerous invocations of the FixCorrespondence flow.

The problematic instance of Data-EmailAccount Default.Notify in Version 6.1 looks like this:

EmailAccount DefaultNotify Problem

These default values for Outgoing Mail-Sender Information trigger errors such as the following:

mStepStatus FAIL
mStepStatusInfo Database save using an insert failed

The Suggested Approach identifies two options by which you can modify Data-EmailAccount Default.Notify to remove the problematic default values. 

Suggested Approach

If you have already taken the guidance provided in Upgrading to V6.1 - Tips and issues2. The Email Account data index Default.Notify is overwritten, take no further action.

Choose one of the following options of updating the data instance Data-EmailAccount-Default.Notify if you have not already customized it for your environment.

Validations on Data-EmailAccount do not allow the values to be set back to blank once you have specified values. Therefore, if you require blank values, contact Pegasystems Global Customer Support to obtain the HFix-2703 files (Option 1). Because it updates a standard data instance, HFix-2703 cannot be installed by Update Manager and, therefore, is not available for self-service. HFix-2703 is not listed on the Hotfix Self-Service site.

Option 1:

Contact Pegasystems Global Customer Support:

  1. Ask for the HFix-2703 files: is a Rule-Application-Product bundle containing one
    To install this data instance, import this RAP using Application > Import.

    • The ReadMe for HFix-2703 in 6.1 GA, which provides these instructions:
    • The Hotfix RAP for HFix-2703 in 6.1 GA, which contains the corrected instance of Data-EmailAccount Default.Notify.
  2. Import the Rule-Admin-Product bundle to install the corrected data instance, DATA-EMAILACCOUNT DEFAULT!NOTIFY.

Your new, updated instance of Data-EmailAccount Default.Notify has no values specified for Outgoing Mail, Sender Information and looks like this:

EmailAccount DeafultNotify Corrected

Option 2:

Update Data-EmailAccount Default.Notify, and replace the Pega-provided values specified in the Outgoing Mail tab for Sender Information with valid custom values for your environment. If you are not ready to specify custom values and want to use blank values, you must contact Pegasystems Global Customer Support to obtain the HFix-2703 files (Option 1).

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