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Troubleshooting: Email listener fails to create a case based on incoming email


You create and configure an email listener to monitor a group email address and automatically create new cases in a designated work basket within your PRPC application, based on incoming emails. You configure the email address and account that you are using for this purpose to use the IMAP protocol. However, when a new email is sent, the email listener marks the email as read, but it fails to create the new case.


A review of the pyWorkPage sent to the Work-.Add activity shows: <pzStatus>false</pzStatus>.

This indicates that the page status for the pyWorkPage was invalid; however, in this case, it produced a silent failure because there was no check for failure.

Additionally, the pyWorkPage included an error similar to the one below:

<pxSentDateTime>Mon Mar 31 15:41:06 CDT 2014</pxSentDateTime>

<PZ__ERROR DATAFLD="pxSentDateTime">Mon Mar 31 15:41:06 CDT 2014 is not a valid date/time value</PZ__ERROR>

The pxSentDateTime property was set by the Service activity.

This PZ__ERROR DATAFLD error indicates that the date and time in the header of the incoming email is not recognized as a valid DateTime value because it doesn’t comply with the RFC822: Standard for ARPA Internet Text Messages. For example, according to the RFC822 standard, a typical message sent date and time will look like one of the following two examples:

Date: Mon, 19 May 2014 00:11:46 +0000

Sun, 18 May 2014 20:10:58 -0400

In this case, PRPC logged the exception, because the date and time in the header (for example, Mon Mar 31 15:41:06 CDT 2014) shows that the component parts are not in the correct order. The year should follow the month, day strings before the time and zone indicators (for example, Mon, 31 Mar 2014 15:41:06 CDT).

Suggested Approach

Before calling Work-.Add, make sure that the value for pxSentDateTime is a conforming date time according to RFC822: Standard for ARPA Internet Text Messages.

If the date time value is not conforming, then either omit the value and continue, or be prepared to address any errors that result from non-conforming date times.

To ensure that you don’t miss failures and their associated errors, always check the pzStatus value of your work page on return from Work-.Add and take appropriate action.

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