Customer Process Manager (CPM) - Live interactions

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The CPM term “Interaction” represents the communication between a customer or contact and the contact center.

Two types of interactions exist in CPM:

  • Live interactions - such as phone calls, web chats, customer walk-ins or any “real time” service request, and CTI, or Computer Telephony Integration. These capabilities are often used to allow the call center to receive and initiate live interactions.
  • Non-live interactions – Those actions performed “after-the-fact.” A letter, email or fax received all might result in a case being created are examples of non-live interactions.

When the CSR is interacting in real-time with the contact, a live interaction is initiated. CPM then creates an interaction case with a case number or Work-ID to record all the activities and service cases that result from the live customer interaction. Experienced System Architects should note that requests for work (cases) created as a result of this interaction are simply noted or referenced in the originating interaction object. The interaction case and all service cases resulting from the interaction are work objects of the same tier, inheriting from the same pattern-parent class (Class Group).

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