Customer Service 8.4.1 -- Resolved issues

Pega Customer Service 8.4.1

This page includes the resolved issues in Customer Service 8.4.1. For resolved issues in 8.4, see the Customer Service Release Notes.

Issue  Description Originally
fixed in...


Fixed proactive chat code

The modal window for the proactive chat appeared as a white box without a message regardless of whether an agent was logged in, and it never disappeared. This was addressed by adding the CSProactiveChatServices package without authentication and creating the GetAgentAvailibility service to check for the queue availability. Additionally, the client side JS code was added to call this service in the downloaded PegaHelper.js file.

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 541809

Corrected from and CC in Email Triage container

The Email Triage (ET) case showed incorrect From and CC details as a result of data page not refreshing when you received a new email.

8.2 hotfix

ISSUE 536347

Corrected from and CC in Email Triage container

The Email Triage (ET) case showed incorrect From and CC details. Related to ISSUE 541809. D_CorrespondenceCase is the EmailTriageContextPage for this activity. This data page did not refresh when you received a new email.

8.2 hotfix

ISSUE 547430

Active conversation becomes stale and does not get deleted issue fixed

Old chat and messaging conversations did not delete correctly, which resulted in users seeing an active conversation reported in the queue monitor even after the conversation was completed.

8.2 hotfix

ISSUE 540030

When URL is present, phrase content is not loaded in route issue fixed

When a hyperlink was present in a common phrase and the URL was enclosed in single or double quotes, for example <a href ="URL">, you were unable to select the phrase and have it shown in the compose window.  

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 540199

Updated Pega KM behavior in Internet Explorer 11 

Internet Explorer (IE) styled Knowledge Articles did not display the end of the text portion of the article.

This issue was fixed by changing the styling of the articles to better accommodate for IE 11 specific differences in CSS.

8.2 hotfix

ISSUE 542237

Resolved Start Chat button enabled issue when Wait time > Maximum wait time

When the Wait time is greater than the Maximum wait time, the Chat button should be greyed out. Instead, the Start chat button was enabled, and when the end-customer clicked on the button, the chat window opened and displayed a The chat has ended system message to the end-customer.

This issue was fixed by changing the message to Agents are busy at the moment. Please try again later. when the wait time is greater than the max wait time.

7.4 hotfix

ISSUE 546550

Fixed incorrect dashboards fetching when switching application issue

When an operator had several access groups with access to different applications, any dashboards associated with those applications did not refresh when switching from one CS application to another.

This was fixed by modularizing the activity CPMSwitchApp to support these type of customer configurations across multiple applications.

8.1 hotfix

ISSUE 547917

Knowledge: Context not updated on case creation

When creating a case from the interaction driver menu, the D_CPMPortalContext and D_KMFASuggestedContent data pages were not updated with the correct case assignment information. As a result, the suggested articles did not appear on the first case screen.

The fix updated the data pages to ensure that case context is being preserved.

7.31 hotfix

ISSUE 541810

Corrected chat issue with phrases containing multiple hyperlinks

Phrases content was not delivered to customers if the phrase contained multiple hyperlinks. Only the first link was sent to an end-customer, any subsequent links and additional text that followed the phrase were not shown to end-customers.

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 541738

Fixed pyDNName in SetPartyNames

When a customer is recognized in the call, the pyDNName is set to the phone number(line) so that the name of the customer is displayed on the line details. Because of a wrong when condition structure in the SetPartyNames data transform in ruleset PegaAppCA:08-01-01, the pyDNName field was always set to unknown.

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 541987

Updated transfer work with outbound call

When you performed an outbound call and then transferred the work, clicked cancel, or clicked outside the modal and then transfer again, the buttons to transfer the call were missing. The IsChannelPendingTransferCompletion when rule had an interaction and an interaction-call version but lacked an i outbound-call option to persist transfer options.

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 541564

Corrected 7.3 Service case details displayed in the in 8.3 update.

For interaction cases which were created in 7.4, when opened after the 8.3 upgrade, the service cases were not displayed because of a change in an Interaction property. In 7.4, the CompletedIntents property was of a Rule-PegaCA-Intent- type. As part of recent functionality changes in 8.1 and newer releases, it is now Rule-PegaCA-Intent-Task.

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 547356

Multiple articles selected as suggested articles not displayed on the KM Self-Help portal

Because of this issue, suggested articles were not displayed on the KM Self-Help portal after related articles were edited and saved. When selecting multiple KM Articles to be linked to a specific screen and clicking save, save was displayed as successful, but suggested articles did not show up at runtime for that screen.

The root cause of this issue was down to the node level requirement of applicable KM data pages. The data pages were updated to provide the right access group (implementation app) in the Load Authorization section.

Knowledge Management 7.4 hotfix

ISSUE 542526


Fixed unexpected case transfer when closing tab 

After transferring an interaction from a workbasket to an operator, opening a second interaction from the workbasket and then closing the interaction tab resulted in the second interaction being transferred as well. This occurred to any subsequent Interaction tabs that were closed. Because D_CPMPortalContext is requestor scope, those values were retained from the previous transfer, resulting in this behavior.

This was resolved by updating the transfer process needs to remove those properties after the transfer is concluded.

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 543244 

Fixed incomplete IsChannelInteractionActive for outbound call

In the PegaCA-Work-Interaction-Call class, there is an option that allows the transfer work option to stay visible when you start a warm transfer to a colleague and are connected to that other operator. The transfer option disappeared, and when you clicked outside the modal, you could not get back to the transfer option window.

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 544594

Corrected question responses in Pega Chat

This issue was related to the pre-assignment questions in chat (prompting the end-customer for more information before escalating to a CSR). When more than one question was being asked and an answer was provided for the first question, when the user was prompted with a second question, but clicks back to the previous question on the answer, it was taken as the response to the second question.

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 546587

Fixed invalid reference to the zeroth(0) element in list

For dialog entries, an empty list check was not present, causing array out of bounds exceptions. An empty list check has been added, preventing this issue from reoccurring.

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 551489

Resolved invisible RunTime Toolbar in Interaction Portal

When the operator logged into application A (Application built on top of the customer service framework), the runtime toolbar initially appeared at the bottom as the portal loads. However, when the Interaction Portal finished loading, the run-time toolbar disappeared.

The issue was related to code in CSJSONScriptInclude, which hid the toolbar if accessgroup has csr or manager in its name. Because the user application itself has csr in its name, all accessgroup had ApplicationName:accesstype. The fix removed that association.

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 546526

Corrected new service case displayed in wrong screen/tab issue

After creating one service case, clicking a link to open the case details in different tab, and then returning back to the interaction screen, if any new service case was created, the service case should be created and displayed in the same tab.

platform 8.2.5 release patch

ISSUE 544624

Corrected PegaCall Resume button on interaction improper state

When a user puts a caller on hold, the Resume button on the interaction showed the wrong button state. This was specific to a condition when there was more than one call.

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 544716

Autoaccept PegaCS interaction not detecting duplicate tasks

This fix addressed an issue from Cisco Finesse, that resulted in duplicate or rogue events being sent to Pega, which generated duplicate interaction tabs for the same call.

This was fixed by adding duplicate checking before opening a new interaction with auto-accept.

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 549252

Getting Cassandra has not been started or is unavailable exception

This issue resulted in customers getting the Cassandra hasn't been started or is unavailable exceptions while using CS application, even when Hotfix-57782 was installed. There are some steps in activities having DSM pages as step pages. Even if TimeLineEvents DSS is set to false, step page was loaded first, which caused unwanted cassandra exceptions in logs. Those steps have been updated to resolve this issue.

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 544536

Fixed recent Interaction Performance Issue

When fetching interactions, there were no filter conditions based on contact, accountnumber, or accountowner, which caused performance issues when loading recent interactions into the Interaction Portal.

This was addressed by adding appropriate filters to ensure that less data was being returned, improving load times.

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 548805

Corrected AssociateOutboundInteraction missing siteid property set

The AssociateOutboundInteraction activity in PegaAppCA:08-01-01 was missing a set pySiteID to D_CTILinkInfo.pySiteID in step 3 of the activity. If the PegaCALL was configured with SITEID, the system generated an error stacktrace from the pygetinteractioninternal activity at step 4 and from getinteraction activity at step 2.

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 546787 

Fixed email window issue with KM article

This addressed an email full screen view issue, which did not allow a CSR to read a knowledge article behind the email modal (it was necessary to minimize the modal, read, and then resize).

This was addressed by enabling the floating compose window to be dragged horizontally, which allows the article to be read while composing the email response.

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 549917

Improved skill-based routing

This fix addressed an issue when using skill based routing as your default routing algorithm for chat and messaging interactions. In the event of operators having similar skill levels and availability, tie breakers relied too heavily on agent log in time as the deciding factor.

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 548116

Interaction item assigned to operator after transfer

When an incoming or outbound call is transferred from an operator A to operator B, each work item which is opened by operator B (which is not already assigned to operator B) is getting assigned to the wrong operator. The issue was introduced by the activity CPMPerformDefaults (Class: PegaCA-Work-Interaction, Ruleset: PegaAppCA 08-02-02) which is called when opening an interaction with operator B. Step 22 evaluates when WasThisInteractionTransferred rule was set to True, so the CPMAssignCasesForCurrentOperator activity is getting called which causes the reassign.

This was addressed by referring CTIPage for validating the current interaction.

8.2 hotfix

ISSUE 547284

Interaction not closing at csr2 (after warm transfer from)

This addresses an issue in a warm-handoff or transfer scenario, where CSR1 stayed on the Interaction tab after completing the transfer, leaving CSR2 in review mode.

The issue was traced to the pub or sub messaging in the Platform, and this fix incorporates the adoption of an updated platform component.

8.2 hotfix

ISSUE 548177

Configuration tools - Dialogs vulnerable to XSS or HTML

This fix addressed XSS vulnerabilities found in Interaction Configuration Tools Dialogs. These issues occurred during the dialog configuration process, when clicked on the attribute drop down after selecting the WHEN, and referring to the selected drop down before saving.

8.2 hotfix

ISSUE 548759

Updated the CPMWarmTransferAcceptButton hardcoded intervals

In Pega Call, when CSR1 is doing a warm transfer to CSR2, in CSR2 screen, the CPMWarmTransferAcceptButton accept button is initially disabled and becomes active after 10 seconds. This was a non-configurable behavior. An extension point was added allowing to customize this delay period to another value.

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 551648


Fixed disabled consultative transfer to a queue-accept button

When an agent consultative transferred the call to a queue and another agent received the call through the queue, the Accept call button was disabled. This fix has a dependency on another Hotfix (HFIX-62256). Additionally, the WaitForTransferIn when rule was added, which checks if call gets transferred or not in the CheckTransferKeyAvailability activity.

8.3 hotfix

ISSUE 553773


SOFT-614464-Error receiving blind transfer through queue

When received a blind transfer (originated from an outbound call) in a queue, Pega encountered an error and displayed a blue pop up. This issue was caused by the outbound call not associated interaction to call object, when it was blind transferred to queue.

This issue was addressed by associating the Call object to the interaction.

8.3 hotfix


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