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Creating connector activities for JMS and MQ connectors

The connector activity is the mechanism that starts the connector. A connector activity puts the request data where the connector rule is programmed to find it, invokes the connector rule, sets response data from the clipboard into work object properties, calls other activities that perform additional processing, and does what is necessary to complete the processing of the data it receives.

To start the connector, the activity uses the appropriate Connect-* method. For example, if the connector is a Java Message Services connector, the activity uses the Connect-JMS method to call the connector rule. If it is an MQ connector, the activity uses the Connect-MQ method.

You use an integrator shape in a flow to call the connector activity. Integrator tasks can call activities that apply to class rules that inherit from the Work- base class rule only. Therefore, typically a connector activity applies to a class rule that inherits from the Work- class so that you can call it directly from an Integrator task in a flow.

JMS connectors support JMS 1.0. JMS connectors work with JMS 1.1, but only for JMS 1.0 features, for example, shared subscriptions, a JMS 1.1 feature, is not supported.

Suggested Approach

Complete the following steps to create a connector activity that calls a JMS or MQ connector rule:

  1. From the Records explorer, click Technical Activity.
  2. From the right-click menu, select Create.
  3. In the Label field, enter the name that you chose for this activity during the planning stage.
  4. In the Applies to field, enter the name of the class that you determined during the planning stage was correct for this activity.
  5. Click Create and open.
  6. On the Pages and Classes tab, configure any pages that the activity uses. For example, it is typical to create a page for the class rule that the connector applies to and for the class rule that the activity applies to.
  7. On the Parameters tab, configure any parameters required for the activity.
  8. On the Steps tab, create the steps that implement the purpose of this activity: to set values for a message and call the connector rule. Use the Property-Set method to set property values. Use the Connect-JMS or Connect-MQ method, as appropriate, to call the connector rule.
  9. On the Security tab, set the Activity Type to Connect.
  10. On the History tab, enter a description in the Full description and the Usage fields.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Click Run to test that the activity works.

You can now call this activity from an Integrator task in a flow.

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