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How to copy files to remote systems using File Transfer Protocol (FTP)


Your application can automatically copy files from the Process Commander server system to a remote file system using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

For example, if your application writes data from a work object to a file using the File Connector feature, the application can then upload this file to a remote FTP server.


Suggested Approach

To upload a file to an FTP server:

  1. Create a new FTP server data instance. Select New > Integration-Resources > FTP Server.
    New FTP location

    Note: The default TCP/IP port number fpr FTP is 21, but this may vary.
  2. In a new or existing activity, add a new step that invokes the Connect-FTP method.
    New Activity Step

    Complete the step parameters. Using the SmartPrompt, select the FTPServer instance you created earlier.
      Complete the following parameters:
      • FTPServer — Select the FTP Server instance you created in Step 1.
      • RemotePath — Select the path of the remote directory into which the file will be copied.
      • LocalFile — Enter the location of the file to be copied to the remote server. Enter either an absolute path or a property that contains the absolute path.
        Note: All "\" characters must be escaped by prefixing another "\" character. Alternatively, you can use a single "/" character.
        Your directory structure may differ from the one presented above. Check with your system administrator.
      • TransferMode — Select the method in which data will be sent over the network, either ASCII or Binary.
      Note: The following methods can also be used to define the




  1. If you are writing a file as part of flow processing, add a utility shape to your flow that references the activity rule you edited or created in step 2.

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