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How to test a SOAP connector using sample data


SOAP Connectors can accept and return infinite types of data. When developing an application that leverages a connection to an external SOAP service, it can be beneficial to test the connection prior to building the connector rule. Test data can be entered directly into the body of a SOAP Request Envelope, and results are displayed in a SOAP Response Envelope.

This example implements a SOAP service to determine how much tax a customer should be charged based on their zip code. The information is retrieved from an external SOAP service.

Suggested Approach

To test a Web service using sample data:

    1. Open the Connector and Metadata Accelerator by clicking Application > New > Connector... or Navigate to the Integration slice and create a new instance of the Connector and Metadata Accelerator.
    2. Complete step 1 - "Choose Purpose" of the Connector and Metadata Accelerator. Be sure to select WSDL File as the Metadata Type. Select RuleSet versions and classes that are relevant to your application.

      Click Next>>.
    3. Enter the URL of the WSDL file of the SOAP service you are connecting to. Alternatively, you can upload a WSDL file from your local file system or copy the contents of a WSDL file, depending on the option for loading the WSDL document that you choose.

      Click Next>>.
    4. The Connector and Metadata Accelerator uses the WSDL file specified in step one to construct a list of available methods within the external SOAP service. Select the method you wish to test. In this example, GetUSATaxRatesByZipCode will be tested.
    5. Click the Test Method button. A window containing the Endpoint URL and SOAP Request Envelope appears. Enter your test data at the appropriate locations in the SOAP Request Envelope window.
      Test Method
      The contents of the SOAP Request Envelope is sent to to the Endpoint URL and the SOAP Response Envelope is returned.

      The completed Test Service Method shows the SOAP Request and SOAP Response envelopes. The highlighted text was returned by the service. It shows sales tax information for Somerville, Massachusetts.

Finished Test

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