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Referencing data from another data object

Create reusable data for your application and build easy to maintain forms by using a data reference.

A data reference is a field in your data model that is linked to a data object in your application. When you add a data reference to a form, it prompts users to select a data record, or instance of the data object. For example, you can reference the Vehicle data object on an accident claim form to display a list of car models.

Unlike fields and forms that are specific to a case type, data objects are accessible throughout your application. You can create data references in different case types that are linked to the same data object.

You can reference a data object in the following ways:

  • Adding a new field to a form and setting the field type to Data reference.
  • Selecting a data object in the Reuse fields panel. This technique automatically creates and configures a data-reference field.
  • Selecting an existing data reference in the Reuse fields panel.
  • Adding a data reference field to a data object or case type.
  1. Access the data model for a data object or a case type, based on how the field will be used in your application.

  2. Click + Add field.

  3. In the Name column, enter a label for the field. You can modify the identifier that is automatically generated in the ID column.

  4. Enter the name of the data reference.

  5. In the Type column, select Data reference from the list of options.

  6. In the Options column, perform any of the following actions:

    • To select an existing data object, in the autocomplete field, enter the name of the data object.
    • To create a data object, click New.
    • To create a data object, select Create new data object.
  7. Click the Configure field icon in the row of the data reference.

  8. In the Data Page field, select a data page that is populated with data records.

  9. Click Submit.

  10. If you are updating the data model for a case type, click Save. There is no save option for data types in Dev Studio.

  11. Click Done.

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