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Upgrading BIX


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If you previously enabled the Business Intelligence Exchange (BIX) ruleset and you have upgraded Pega Platform, update the BIX ruleset for your application.

You can add the new version of BIX on top of your existing version.

  1. In the navigation pane of Dev Studio, click Records.

  2. Expand the Application Definition category, and then click Application.

  3. Click your application rule.

  4. In the Application rulesets section, click + Add ruleset.

  5. Select Pega-BIX: xx-xx-xx to the list of Application rulesets, where “xx” matches the Pega Platform version that you are currently running.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Log out and log back in.

    After upgrading the built-in BIX rulset in Pega Platform, the Extract selection under SysAdmin in the Rules Explorer becomes available to create and run BIX extractions.

For Pega Cloud Services clients, continue to Procedures for BIX extractions in Pega Cloud environments.

For on-premises clients, you may need to accomplish the following tasks:

  • If you were pegarules.keyring to extract the rules, perform the following steps:
    1. For on-premises deployments, regenerate the pegarules.keyring file.
    2. Copy the Extract rule XML to the appropriate path.
    3. Validate the ANT build file with the sample build file provided in the distribution package.
  • Reconfigure your stand-alone command-line environment:

    1. Download the BIX distribution archive and expand it into a directory.
    2. Configure a JVM environment with access to the Pega Platform jar files and the appropriate database driver files
    3. Configure the prconfig.xml,, and prlog4j2.xml files provided in the configuration directory of the BIX distribution to specify the source and target databases and split schema setup. For more information, see Configuring the extraction environment.
  • Update custom work tables if they do not have the pxCommitDateTime and pxSaveDateTime columns and are using pxUpdateDateTime for incremental extracts. Incremental extracts are done using pxCommitDateTime. For more information, see BIX Performance.
    • Update your work tables to include the new columns.
    • Populate the new columns by running the resave utility.
    Apply DDL scripts manually to create the pr_extract_time and pr_sys_queues_bix tables if the are not present in the PegaRULES schema.

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