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Optimizing BIX data extraction performance


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Understanding performance enhancements of the Business Intelligence Exchange (BIX) configurations will help you to maximize the throughput of BIX extractions from your applications. Refer to the following table to incorporate enhancement considerations into your BIX extraction process as needed.

BIX data extractions performance enhancements

Location of BIX improvement Performance enhancement consideration
BIX logs Setting BIX logging to a level of DEBUG or ALERTS can cause performance issues.
BIX ruleform Definition Tab Format Properties XML-based extractions occur much faster than CSV-based extractions or database schema extractions because data in embedded page lists and page groups does not require normalization in XML as it is being written.
BIX ruleform Definition Tab Format Properties Configuring fewer properties for BIX extractions and configuring properties that are not nested within a class structure increases extraction performance.
BIX ruleform Filter Criteria Running multiple BIX extractions with different filter conditions that use the same class in parallel enhances performance. For example, using different filter criteria for separate product lines, geographies, case resolutions, or organizational divisions.
. Filter Criteria Enabling incremental BIX extractions limits the properties extracted to those with an updated pxCommitDateTime instance when compared to the last extraction to increase subsequent BIX data extraction performance. Properties with an updated pxCommitDateTime include classes created or changed by an operator or automatically by the application.
The BIX extraction process skips properties that contain pxCommitDateTime instances with a null value including child classes incorporated into the extraction by the -c parameter in the Job Scheduler ruleform.

BIX high-throughput data extractions

Pega Platform uses high-throughput data extractions for CSV extractions for specific databases to improve performance of the BIX extraction process. BIX high-throughput data extractions occur automatically under the following extraction process conditions:

When you use the high-throughput data extraction option, the following functionality is not available:

  • You cannot input new property names for the CSV files when creating the Extract rule.

Create a dynamic system setting with keystring bix/useHighThroughputDownloadForCSV and set value field to false to disable high-throughput extractions for CSV extract files from an external Postgres databases with BLOB-less class data.

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