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Creating a Service Email rule


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To create or update cases from incoming email messages, configure a service email rule in Dev Studio. An email listener monitors an email inbox on a server that is identified by the details in an email account record. When messages arrive in that inbox, the email listener routes them to an email service rule.

The service activity for the email service processes the information in the message. Typically, service activities are used to create or update cases directly, or by using more advanced options, such as Pega Email Bot. If there are any email attachments with the message, the service activity attaches them to the case. If the message contains Delivery Status Notification (DSN) information (an undeliverable message, for example), the service activity routes the message to the worklist of someone who investigates such matters.

Email services can process messages that contain plain text, HTML, or XML. If the incoming email messages use SOAP, apply a SOAP service rule rather than an email service rule to process the message. You still use an email listener, but the listener routes the messages to a SOAP service rather than to an email service.

Any change to the Service Email rule on the Service, Request, or Response tab requires you to restart the listener from Admin Studio. If you do not restart the listener, the changes do not take effect. For more information, see Managing listeners and the Admin Studio help.

The following tasks describe how to manually create a Service Email rule in Dev Studio. However, email service rules are automatically generated with certain configurations, such as creating an email channel or enabling case creation by email. For more information, see Creating an Email channel and Enabling creation by email of top-level cases.

  • Configuring service processing for Service Email rules

    Email listeners route email messages to a Service Email rule. Pega Platform uses Service Email rules to determine which service activity to use for processing the email message. For example, an email listener might route an email message from a job applicant to a Service Email rule for adding attachments to recruiting cases. The service activity in the email service rule attaches the job candidate's resume to the case.

  • Configuring the request for Service Email rules

    Use the Request tab to map the data from the messages that this service processes to the clipboard.

  • Configuring the response for Service Email rules

    Use the Response tab to specify how the service rule constructs the response that Pega Platform sends when the service processing is complete. You can set up more than one response, based on conditions.

  • More about Service Email rules
  • Dynamic system settings for email integrations

    Pega Platform provides dynamic system settings that you can use to modify the behavior of email processing on your system. For example, you can limit the size of an email message that your application accepts, or allow text attachments to be sent in the email body.

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