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Using the Pega API


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Review the following topics to learn how to use the Pega API for your business needs.

  • Pega API system management privileges

    Each API in the System Management API has a specific privilege that you can add to a role to use that API. These privileges are useful when you only want a role to have access to specific APIs.

  • Securing the Pega API

    To ensure the safety of Pega API credentials that are transferred through HTTP basic authentication, use TLS 1.2, a strong transport layer security, when installing your Pega application. You can also secure the Pega API by using OAuth 2.0.

  • Pega API best practices

    When developing mobile and client applications that are powered by any Pega API, use the following best practices to ensure the best end-user experience.

  • Data API performance and limitations

    You use data APIs to retrieve the contents and metadata of specific data pages. You can sort, filter, and group data that you request from Pega Platform to specify how you want your data to be organized in the response. To ensure the high performance of your data APIs, review the following guidelines.

  • Retrieve a flat list of fields from Pega APIs

    Use the flatListOfFields parameter in Pega APIs to retrieve only a list of fields from a case instead of the full layout information that you do not plan to use. Use this parameter if you are building your own user interface (UI) and want to have more control over the look and feel of your application.

  • Pega API example use cases

    The following examples show some ways that you can use the Pega API in your application. You use multiple Pega API services as part of a single process or as part of multiple business application processes. For example, client applications can call a Pega API service to get a list of available cases, data, or assignments, and then make subsequent API calls to get further details or to make updates.

  • Using data pages with the Pega API

    Pega Platform provides data APIs to query data pages or to retrieve specific parameters from a data page. Use the data APIs to get the data required to develop your application, for example, if you are building a custom UI.

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