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Clipboard contains pages of three different scopes


Are there processes (pages accessible) on the clipboard that equate to, for example, the following?

  • System wide scope.
  • Application wide scope.
  • Shared scope between groups of users.

It would be efficient and logical to have certain shared pages so that, for example, you could load static daily data from an external source once instead of having to do it per user session, with the resultant overhead.



Process Commander has three clipboard page scopes.

  • A page created at the process scope — such as the pxSystem page — is shared globally across all requestors on a system and is synchronized for shared, multi-thread-safe access.
  • The requestor scope includes the pxRequestor page. This page is shared among all the separate Threads within one requestor connection.
  • Finally, user-scope pages are those familiar pages such as pyWorkPage, NewAssign page, and others. employed by single requestor Threads.

Using Java and Public API calls, you can set pages to be shared across the system at the process scope. As one example, an agent can be configured to set and update a list of rates in a custom page at the process scope, and that list is available to all requestors that connect to the system.

A preferred and less technically demanding alternative to such sharing of data across the system is to configure a LookupList-based approach to listing such products, rates, etc. Though this approach utilizes requestor scope rather than process scope, LookupList configuration is well established and documentation exists to support such efforts.

Update: Introduced in V5.3, Declare pages, created by Rule-Declare-Page rules, can operate at the user scope or at a fourth scope: node-wide, available read-only to all requestors on one node of a multi-node cluster. See Comparing Declare pages with other clipboard pages.


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