DBMS0010: The database reached idle-in-transaction state during a query execution

Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud™ (PDC) creates a DBMS0010 event when a database transaction starts, reaches an idle state, and never completes.

Reason for the event

Idle-in-transaction is a state in which a transaction has locked the content of a database table and frozen, failing to complete. Idle transactions keep their lock on the database. For every transaction that is in the idle state longer than the configured threshold, Pega Platform™ generates an exception. PDC identifies and parses the exception and creates a DBMS0010 event.

Example message text

Database pid [16620] in state [idle in transaction] for 5443 ms, the threshold is 5000 ms, last query : [SELECT "DF_RT"."pyrunid" AS "pyRunID" , "DF_RT"."pyactivationtime" AS "pyActivationTime" , "DF_RT"."pxupdatedatetime" AS "pxUpdateDateTime" , "DF_RT"."pyversion" AS "pyVersion" , "DF_RT"."pyerrorcount" AS "pyErrorCount" , "DF_RT"."pyinitializationstatus" AS "pyInitializationStatus" , "DF_RT"."pyinitializationnode" AS "pyInitializationNode" , "DF_RT"."pyfinalizationstatus" AS "pyFinalizationStatus" , "DF_RT"."pyfinalizationnode" AS "pyFinalizationNode" , "DF_RT"."pystate" AS "pyState" , "DF_RT"."pyintention" AS "pyIntention" , "DF_RT"."pypreviousstate" AS "pyPreviousState" , "DF_RT"."pyuistatus" AS "pyUIStatus" , "DF_RT"."pyruntype" AS "pyRunType" , "DF_RT"."pycheckedforresources" AS "pyCheckedForResources" , "DF_OPT"."srcol2" AS "pyServiceInstanceName" , "DF_OPT"."srcol4" AS "pyAppliesTo" , "DF_OPT"."srcol3" AS "pyRuleName" FROM pegadata.pr_data_decision_ddf_runtime "DF_RT" INNER JOIN ( SELECT "DF_OPT"."pyworkobjectid" AS "srcol1" , "DF_OPT"."pyserviceinstancename" AS "srcol2" , "DF_OPT"."pyrulename" AS "srcol3" , "DF_OPT"."pyappliesto" AS "srcol4" FROM pegadata.pr_data_decision_ddf_run_opts "DF_OPT" ) "DF_OPT" ON ( ( "DF_RT"."pyrunid" = "DF_OPT"."srcol1" ) ) WHERE ( "DF_RT"."pystate" = $1 AND "DF_RT"."pyruntype" = $2 )]

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