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Default templates and projects are missing​

No default templates and projects are in the Manage Resources section in the Predictive Analytics Director (PAD) portal.


When you open the PAD portal for the first time, it creates the following tables to store information for projects, templates, and business issues:

  • <schema>_omegaprojs

  • <schema>_favorites

  • <schema>_<project_id>_datasets

  • <schema>_<project_id>_projectdata

    The schema name that is used by PAD is derived from the database that you need to specify on the Predictive Analytics Director Settings landing page.

The default templates and projects are not loaded if these tables are not created. This problem can have two causes: missing permissions for the database user or failures during PAD startup.

Solution - Missing permissions for the database user

The database administrator needs to grant the user permissions to create tables and insert records into the database that is used by PAD. For more information about database preparation, see Decision Strategy Manager - Operations Guide 7.2.1

Solution - Database failures during PAD startup

You need help from the database and platform administrators who can remove PAD tables from the database and restart the Pega 7 Platform server.

  1. Remove the tables from the database because they might be incomplete.
  2. Restart the server on which the Pega 7 Platform is installed.
  3. Open the PAD portal, and click the Manage Resources section.
  4. If the section is still empty, repeat steps 1 and 2, and then perform step 5.
  5. Import the projects from their archives into PAD.
    1. In Designer Studio, switch the application to DMSample.
    2. Click Designer Studio > Application > Distribution > Export.
    3. In the Select export mode list, click Archive on Server.
    4. Click the following archive files to save them:
    5. Open PAD.
    6. Click Manage Projects and import the archives.
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